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Organizing for America Glorious Days, Inc. 
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ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA GLORIOUS DAYS, INC. (EIN:  27-1685733 ) is totally committed to making educational opportunities and transitional housing available to communities where they are desperately in need. We are dedicated to the future generations of this world and to the fulfillment of their visions and their goals.

MISSION: To transform under resourced communities around the world by promoting youth empowerment through workforce and livelihood development. 

THE VISON: The vision of Organizing for America Glorious Days, Inc. is a generation of healthy, responsible, committed, and productive youths impacting their families and communities principles.

OUR SERVICES: provides an array of services in pursuit of our mission. We offer state-of-the art, innovative, empirically researched educational opportunities to Youths throughout the world. We are focused on connecting cultures through uniquely designed curricula on cultural awareness and respect. 

GOAL: Our ultimate goal is to empower youth to see the world as a place of unlimited possibilities and to work together to reach places humanity has yet to venture.

OUR COMMITMENT: Is to develop young people into healthy productive adults in our communities. We desire to see the whole person grow in the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of life. With all the struggles young people face today and the uncertainty of the future; Organizing for America Glorious Days, Inc. is a place young people can come to find help.

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OUR HEART is to provide a safe haven and life transforming programs for Youths!